Mag. Dennis Johnson
Academic Information Expert
Buddhist Studies

01 02 03


I contribute to contemporary approaches to the research of Buddhist contemplative traditions by providing professional translation, editing, interpreting and information services.

After completing a degree program in Tibetan and Buddhist Studies at the University of Vienna as well as a course on Library and Information Studies , I have worked part-time as librarian in the South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies Library

Next to my work and study, I've collected wide-ranging experience and references as an organizational assistant, translator, editor, and interpreter. 

As part of my continuing education, I am currently undergoing a preparatory training course in Psychotherapy and have completed a basic mindfulness training course .

In the context of a leave of absence for further education, I recently spent six months as a clinical research intern at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and back in Vienna I am engaged in the Academy of Consciousness Studies as part of the managing board. 

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